Harrison County was formed in 1813 by combining portions of  Jefferson and Tuscarawas counties.  Harrison County contains 15 townships and 10 incorporated villages within its borders.   The county's population in the 2000 census was 15,856.   
Many of my finds have been extraordinary in this beautiful county. This was located near the dam. The dam was built in 1935, the same year of this gorgeous walking liberty. 
I always enjoy finding these. Several manufacturers used the glass seal/liner in their jars. Some major brands are Mason, Ball, Kerr, and Atlas. These ranged from 1858 well into the 1900s. 
This pistol was dug near the base of a very large oak. It was nearly 10 inches in the ground and beneath several large roots. I worked on this dig for a half an hour. The gun was not complete when extracted, but I was glad to save this old gun from further erosion. 
This silver spoon was buried deep beneath a root. I was very pleased to see it still had silver on it. This is a WM Rogers and Sons AA, pre 1915 collectible spoon, depicting Wisconsin state. There was one made for each state in the U. S. 
A beautiful colonial buckle was found, which remains a marvel finding it in this county considering it's older than the county is. I like to think it came here with the early settlers in the area. 
My most wonderful piece of history located in this area would be this 6th Cavalry Union Insignia Hat Pin. Several soldiers lived in this area, but none served in the 6th regiment. I am currently doing research to link the pin to an owner or at least an ancestor. 
Axes are enjoyable to find. I have several different sizes and shapes. Have found 7 so far to date. Hoping to find more to add to this collection. 
This button has a date of 1851. It was patened by the Goodyear Company. I found this button lying on the ground near a foundation. It is made of rubber, what a find! 
1865 2 cent piece. First one ever, very happy with this coin. 
Broken heel plate, I have been looking for a whole one though. In time! 
Very frail copper ring. I usually find a ring at every old site. 
Large cent, mid 1800s, couldn't read the date, the soil is very hard on copper in this area. Beautiful coin either way. 
Corroded old pocket knife, the lake did a number on this one. 
Beautiful gilt button, love it when the shank is still attached! 
Several odds and ends, these are abundant! 
Several dog tags, I enjoy finding these as well. 
A tire pressure gauge from 1921. Was quite amazed to find this! 
Collapsible tin cup, the location would date this to about 1930. 
Square nails, another favorite 
Before and after clean up of my oldest Indian yet. 1867. Looks like it was jewelry at one time. 
Patented March 21st, 1871. A suspender clip labeled "police brace" 
Another ring, slightly bent, missing the jewel, but I don't mind. 
Very tiny photo album, brass. 
Several different items, including a brass award plate saying "Ohio Bob" "Ohio worthy" - Edna H. 
Stirrup, some old coins, and odds and ends. 
Horse shoe, one of my favorites to find, this is my first heart bar though. Love it. 
All items above were recovered at or near Tappan Lake. 
Found this beautiful US Civil War Buckle in this beautiful county! Privately owned land and amazing farm house. Thank you Angela McClain for the invite to metal detect with you! 
The buckle, all cleaned up!! 
Had my first bottle dump dig! I didn't realize what you could find in one, I'm planning many more in the future.