Columbiana county was founded in 1803. Early settlers and explorers came here as early as 1774. In 1863 John Morgan and his Raiders came through this county. It was here that Morgan surrendered. For those who have an interest in local history and the civil war, this is an excellent place to visit. It was in this county, near salinesville that the Morgans Raiders were flanked by Union soldiers on July 26, 1863. Morgan attempted to cut his way out of 3000 federals. He lost 364 men, including 23 dead, several wounded, and nearly 300 captured, in a firefight that lasted no more than an hour and a half. Reference: Wikipedia. 
This large ring, above, is what is known as "trench art". This ring was recovered near the spring in which John Morgans horses were kept under the care of a 16 year old African American boy named Sam. The ring is carved from a melted bullet, inlayed with rubies. This ring was a mere inch or two deep. A beautiful ring that could tell quite a story. This area is near the Sharp's farm, in which most of the battle took place. The couple who live at this farm are direct descendants of those who lived there during the raid. 
This bridal piece from a soldiers horse was also located in this area.